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Anti-mist spray for premium Hotels


Kumomaru Inc.,

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The whole new Anti-Mist spray for Mirrors

Used in premium Hotels in Japan; Now available for Asian countries

Technical details & related information

Product Name: GNC Anti-mist spray (Reorder Ref: GS-50)
To be used for: Glass, Mirror
Ingredients: propylene glycol, fatty acid ester
Content: 50ml.
Manufactured by: Kumomaru Appliances & Industries Japan
Marketed by: GN Corporation Ltd, Japan.

This product is made from environmentally safe materials and food additives, and contains no silicon. This is a spray for glasses and mirrors without silicon. The product has been patented for its ingredients and process of manufacturing.

Apply the spray from a very close proximity to the mirror and use a soft tissue paper to spread it evenly. If it is not equally and evenly spread on its surface, the effect will not be adequate. We recommend a 30CM X 30CM area of application, which is optimum. Then if the area of application is seen a bit dull, wipe with a plain dry cotton cloth to clean the area, once the liquid gets dry. When the mirror is cleaned with any liquid or wet cloth after application of the spray, the flimsy coating will be washed away. Otherwise the effect of this spray lasts for minimum 24 Hours. Therefore it is recommendable to use this every day in each mirror.

On an average a 50 ml spray would come for 100 applications (each 30X30 Cm size coverage).

Caution while handling:
Keep this away from children.
Preserve this spray in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.
Please clean your mouth or eyes thoroughly with water more than 5 minutes if you have ingested it. Then immediately consult a physician.
Please do not use this for other purpose.

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In India the Anti-mist spray is imported and marketed by
M/S Nichi-In Bio Sciences (P) Ltd, Chennai-600094, TN, INDIA
Tel: 044-23720805, 23720806; Fax: 044-24732186
nbs@nichimail.jp niddchennai@gncorporation.com
For other countries please contact
M/S GN Corporation Ltd, Japan, Fax: +81-552357569

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