NCRM Japan



Nichi-In* Centre for Regenerative Medicine (NCRM)
is an institute carrying out research, training (both scientists and physicians) clinical applications-protocol development in regenerative medicine based on cell therapeutics, with emphasis on stem cells, Progenitor cells, precursor cells and autologous cells with regenerative capability and to take them to en mass clinical application, while maintaining the highest ethical and scientific values of international standards
NCRM`s initiatives:
CESBANK (Worlds First Corneal Endothelial Stem Cell Bank)
Nichi-In Galaxy of Regenerative Medicine (NGRM)


Nichi-In Bio Sciences Private Limited
Established in May 2000 with Japanese equity is into diverse fields including Health Care, R &D in Life Sciences & Plant Biotech, Herbal remedies, Technology Transfer between Indian and Japanese institutes

The importing and marketing of medical and surgical devices, disposables, equipments and laboratory goods as well as reagents has been taken over by M/s Medinippon healthcare Pvt Ltd; from 01st January 2015.