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Spheres for eye surgery   

Handaya Inc., Japan.


"nichi-in eye spheres"- Lint Free,  Fast absorption & Easy handling 


Advantages of Nichi-In Eye Spheres  

Faster Absorption; 

3 times faster than other brands *

  Absorbs 50% more fluid than other sponges **  
  Cellulose based, soft material with no lint.  
  * ** In-House R&D Data  

Packing Details

1 IS-01 Sponges without sphere; 2Pcs/ pack; 12 Packs/ Box
2 IS-02 Sponges with sphere; 2 Pcs/ pack; 12 Packs/ Box

Sponges/ spheres are all sterilized with ETO; Disposable products Don't subject to resterilization; 

Discard after usage and dispose as per local regulations for hospital wastes disposal.

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