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Among Hundreds of applications, Arumbugal trust, who started the manufacturing the Sanitary Napkins at Tirunelveli with Technical assistance from Nichi-In Drugs & Devices (P) Ltd and GN Corporation Ltd., Japan, were chosen for the  Exhibition of India-Country Level Market Place Competition conducted by the World Bank at New Delhi on the 21st of June 2004, where their project was adjudged the BEST among ALL exhibitors after a very thorough and in-depth analysis by a jury panel consisting of eminent sociologists, world bank executives of multinational origin.


SAKURA Magic" Sanitary Napkins with SAP Gel from Japan introduced: 


Tirunelveli : March 03. For the FIRST time in India, a 100% hand made sanitary napkin with Imported SAP Gel from Japan has been made possible with the technological assistance from GN Corporation Ltd., Japan. The project was originally suggested by Mr Mathivanan of Nehru Yuva Kendra as he wanted to provide the rural Indian women with a cost effective personal hygiene & care during the menstrual period. A study says only 34% of the Indian  women use disposable napkins and others resort to clothes which is not considered to be a healthy practice compared to disposable napkins. 


This project of manufacturing is now run in four places by Nichi-In employing rural women and self help groups and the manufactured goods which don't contain any chemical glue have been found to be hypo-allergenic, are now welcome by even the urban population. The Gel contained inside with a very good capacity of fluid absorption and retention makes it a comfortable one with dry surface even after longer duration of usage. With an increasing demand for the product which has a technological advantage and affordable price is likely to make Nichi-In start more manufacturing centres as cottage industry which we hope would also give employment to many.


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