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CERESHEET - Lint free Neurogauze?







CERESHEET for brain protection during neurosurgery?



@CERESHEET is a flat Lint-free protective sheet made of fine Poly-Vinyl Sponge to protect the brain & spinal cord during Neurosurgery procedures.



1. This is a three dimensionally knitted, sponge structured sheet and therefore it is lint free unlike regular cotton and other compressed swab material.

2. Very convenient for usage especially in surgeries performed under Microscope.

3. Neither disturbs the field nor gets easily sucked while applying suction.

4. Has excellent fluid retention property and hence no need to keep on adding fluid on it very often to keep it wet as in regularly used cotton gauze swab.

5. Non-adherent to the surface of the brain and removal after usage is easy.

6. The surface becomes very soft upon absorption of fluid, which protects the brain very well without any irritation.

7. Doesn't slip off the surface easily upon application.

8. As it has adequate pores, applying suction on its surface is also effective.


Instructions for handling:


1. To be used by a qualified and experienced physician.

2. Soak the CERESHEET in saline for at least 5 minutes before applying it on brain surface.

3. Disposable; Don't re-use.

4. Keep in a cool dry place.

5. Un-soaked sheets may be re-sterilized with EOG.

6. Avoid cutting it into smaller sizes, which may lead to lint spilling on the operative filed.

7. While removing gently remove it from one side like peeling off. Undue and haphazard pulling to be avoided.

A microscopic view comparing the structures of CERESHEET (Left) which is porous and lint free and the regular gauze (Right) which has lint particles.
Sizes available: 30 X 55 mm; 70 X 100 mm; 10 Pcs / Pack EOG sterilized.

For enquiries contact us at +91-44-23720805 or by email: nbs@nichimail.jp

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