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Trex Siliconized Gauze






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Trex... Non-adherent dressing for Skin donor sites, Burn dressing and all open wounds

Trex is a new, porous, synthetic fiber gauze, scientifically impregnated with an Organo-polysiloxane for surgical use. This will not adhere to the wounds during the healing process and the silicone treatment makes this inert and stable to the effects of heat (during autoclaving) and chemicals (application of antibiotics and other medicaments over this is possible). Decades of clinical usage in Japan have proven this to be an excellent non-adherent wound dressing suitable for hair transplantations, skin grafts, skin donor sites, burns, skin abrasion techniques, ulcers and type of general surgical wounds.


EASY TO USE: Simply place the TREX directly on the wound surface, place ordinary absorbent gauze over it and bandage in the usual manner.

POROSITY & REPULSION OF FLUIDS: TREX will not absorb fluids and even viscous secretions of blood or exudate will pass through its open weave into the absorbent gauze. Medication can be applied over TREX or under it on the wound directly.

REDUCED PAIN & LINT FREE: As TREX doesnt adhere to wounds, changing of surgical dressing over it or changing TREX is not painful. The TREX doesn't leave any loose fibers on the wound and the wound is maintained clean.

STABLE SILICONE TREATMENT: Boiling water, steam, 70% Alcohol or autoclaving up to 150 C will not affect the Silicone impregnation of the TREX. Therefore unused TREX Gauze could be re-sterilized using any of the above methods as applicable.


Hair transplantations, Skin donor sites, Burns, Ulcerated surfaces,

Skin abrasion technique & all types of Surgical wounds especially open wounds.

Directions for usage:

1. Cut the Sterile TREX Gauze to the desired size of the wound and place it on the wound. If medication is to be applied on the wound, apply the medication either before or even after applying the TREX on the wound. Apply regular surgical gauze over the wound and bandage it.

2. Though clinical tests have proven this to be inert and suitable for application in certain cases even for two weeks, we recommend a change of TREX once every week. At times heavy exudate collection underneath may also warrant more frequent replacement of TREX.

3. To be used by or under the supervision of a physician.

4. To be stored in a cool dry place. For Single use only.

Packing Specification:

TREX is available in the following sizes:

1. Type 2: 10 X 7 CM size

2. Type 4: 20 X 14 CM size

3. Type 6: 28.5 X 12.5 CM size

4. Type 8: 28.5 X 25 CM size

All individually EOG sterilized and packed. Dont use if the package is found open or damaged. For Single use only.

For enquiries contact us at +91-44-23720805 or by email: nbs@nichimail.jp

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