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Anti-mist spray for premium Hotels


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The whole new Anti-Mist spray for Mirrors

Used in premium Hotels in Japan; Now available for Asian countries

Have you ever got troubled with using the mirror after a shower, in the bath room of any centrally air-conditioned hotel? as the mirror had got fully covered with mist?

Here is an answer to such problem in the form of a spray that prevents such coverage of mist due to steam after a shower. This product has been available in Japan and now Nichi-In is bringing it to India.

1. First clean the mirror and make it free from dust, oil, soap or any other material on its surface. 2.This image is of a cleaned mirror before application of the anti-mist spray.
3. Apply the spray from very close proximity to the mirror at the centre of the are you want to make mist free. 4. This much would do. Don't apply too much.
5. This picture shows too much of spray having been applied, which is wrong. This much is not necessary. 6. This is another picture that shows, from how close and how much should be applied on to the mirror.
7. Then spread the sprayed liquid to the area to be free from mist thoroughly using a tissue paper. See that there is a thin uniform coating of the mirror without any bubbles. If bubbles appear then that means you have applied the spray in excess. 8. After 2 minutes of drying, see that the area of application of the sprayed liquid is not hazy as depicted in the above illustration. Some times when there is haziness after drying, you can use a DRY cotton cloth to clean that haziness and make the mirror clean as before. But after drying don't use any wet cloth to wipe the haziness as this may remove the flimsy coating of the sprayed liquid.
9. Above picture shows the removal of haziness using a DRY cotton cloth 10. The mirror is now ready for usage. Now when some uses the bath room for a shower, the area of application of the spray will remain clear from mist where as the area not applied with the spray will be fully covered with mist as shown in the above illustration..
11. The above picture shows the difference between areas where the spray has been applied (Right centre) and where it has not been applied.

Click here to know about technical details & usage of the spray

In India the Anti-mist spray is imported and marketed by
M/S Nichi-In Bio Sciences (P) Ltd, Chennai-600094, TN, INDIA
Tel: 044-23720805, 23720806; Fax: 044-24732186
nbs@nichimail.jp niddchennai@gncorporation.com
For other countries please contact
M/S GN Corporation Ltd, Japan, Fax: +81-552357569

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