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News about launching of SYRINGECTOR



A product from DAIKEN - IKI, JAPAN



A Novel automatic vacuum driven infusion pump for patient's convenience launched



Mr. Ushio of Alcare Inc., Japan- International division visited India to launch their wound care products. Karayahesive is a transparent one-time wound dressing which prevents wound becoming dry thereby promoting faster healing is a patented technology from Alcare was the highlight and explained to the marketing staff and dealers in a ceremony. The product is specially of use to plastic surgeons, cardiothoracic and O&G specialists.



Now this vacuum driven automatic pump called "Syringector" solves ALL the above mentioned problems:

  1. Patients can be ambulatory and don't have to be confined to bed or carry a very big and heavy electronically driven pump and still be delivered the medication.

2. Gravity assisted uncontrollable infusion system is no more necessary as this Syringector takes care of delivering the drug in an accurate manner.

3. Chemotherapy patients can also be ambulatory during the administration of the drug.


Syringector was launched at the exhibition of the 9th Annual meeting of the International Trauma, Anesthesia & Critical Care Society (ITACCS-2005) on the 21st October 2005 at Chennai.

The above picture showing the opinion leaders having a look at the demonstration of the accurate delivery of the drug using Syringector by the Nichi-In marketing Team upon launching. 

News in the media about the launching of Syringector: 

The Hindu Dt 21 Oct 05; News Today Dt 22 Oct 05;
Chennai Online (News) 23 Oct 05;   Chennai Online (Feature) 25 Oct 05
Yahoo India News

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