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News about a Joint Research Agreement


An agreement among

Nichi-In Bio Sciences (P) Ltd &

Centre for Liver Research & Diagnostics

(Owaisi Hospital, Hyderabad)


An agreement for joint research in evolving a cell therapeutics for liver failure


  On the 31st of July 2005, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed among M/S Nichi-In Bio Sciences (P) Ltd (NBS) represented by Dr Samuel JK Abraham and Centre for Liver Research & Diagnostics (CLR) represented by Dr C.M.Habibullah.

Photograph taken during the Apr05 visit of Dr Yoshioka to CLRD, Hyderbad

From L>R: Dr Aysha, Dr Parveen, Dr Yoshioka, Dr Habibullah, Dr Aleem Khan, Dr Samuel Abraham, Dr Shashi Singh (CCMB)

The themes of research are:


1: Studying of growth in vitro and in vivo, of hepatocytes of animal and human origin from both adults as well as fetuses using Mebiol gel and to evaluate their potential for clinical application.


2. To study the various possibilities of using the Mebiol Gel in culturing various stem cells of gastroenterological organs and to evaluate their applications in the clinical medicine.


3. To take to clinical application, the Mebiol Gel grown cells or Mebiol Gel encapsulated cells or tissues of various nature after thorough analysis in treating various diseases of endocrine, metabolic and other diseases.


As millions of people are suffering from various types of chronic and acute liver failure, the outcome of the research once successful is likely to pave an advanced and alternate cell therapeutics to at least a selected group of patients in the beginning.

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