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"SAKURA Magic"
India's first
100% hand made,
Eco-friendly & hypo allergenic

Sanitary napkins


In collaboration with Nichi-in Products,
& GNC Inc., Japan


"Sakura-Magic"   Technical advantages-1


As shown in the illustration on the left, the Materials used are carefully selected to suit the usage conditions

1. When regular napkins have only waste cotton, Sakura-Magic contains high quality surgical cotton.

2. The edges of Sakura-Magic are stitched together, instead of pasting them using synthetic-chemical glue in regular napkins. This gives freedom from chemical induced skin allergy to the user.

3. Above all, in Sakura-Magic, the centrally placed layer of SAP Gel, absorbs, and retains the fluid, especially the high viscous fluid, therefore makes the product leak proof and also makes it fit for longer duration of usage

4. As the SAP Gel can absorb 200 times it's volume of fluid, the overall thickness is much lesser then the regular napkins.

Click here to see the functional advantages of Sakura-Magic

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