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India's first 100% hand made, Eco-friendly & hypo allergenic Sanitary napkins


At the outset, we would like you to understand the following salient facts about this project

1. The sanitary napkin project we have been doing was initiated by Nichi-In as a NOT a 100% a social welfare project later taken over by M/S HOPE FOUNDATION, India.
2. The SAP Gel which is sold to us by our principals in Japan, is a very vital material for this project and it is supplied to us under a condition that at no time, we or the entrepreneurs who buy the Gel from us for production of the Napkins will?start automation of the production, rather only use manual labor.
This project has been developed and worked out in such a way that with the very least investment, without big machineries and very little training, production could be started in a week or so. Moreover the aim of this project is NOT to commercially compete with the branded slim and ultra-slim napkins with Gel, but to target the lower-middle and lower economic income group to make them practice this healthy way of maintaining personal hygiene.

How to proceed further, if you want to start manufacturing the Sakura Magic Sanitary Napkins?

1. First send an official letter from the letter head of your NGO, NPO or company with an endorsement or attestation from an official. We prefer to have it endorsed by the Manager of the Bank (preferably a Nationalized bank)
The letter should contain details about 1. The full name, 2. Date of registration, 3. Directors / Partners/ Chairpersons of your organization, 4.?The full postal address with Contact Telephone number, Email ID of the Chief of the Organization, 5. The full name & postal address with Contact Telephone number of the contact person, if different from the chief of the organization, 6.Area of operation, 7. Present commercial and or voluntary work you are involved in., 8. An assurance saying that you will not go for automation of the production, 9. A brief outline about the work force you plan to involve and the production capacity you are likely to target, 10. Endorsement by the Manager of a nationalized bank.
This letter should accompany the copies of the registration certificate of your organization and a Demand draft for Rs. 300/- (Three hundred Rupees only)? in favor of "M/S HOPE FOUNDATION" payable at Chennai.
2. Followed by this, we shall send to you a Video cassette with full recording of how the production is done. The recording of audio has been made in local language (Tamil) and we shall send you a full narration of the same in English. With this, samples of material used will also be sent and some finished samples, covers, pamphlets explaining the advantages of the product.
We shall also send the information about the suppliers of all the material, their address and indicative price. Except the SAP Gel and the Polythene covers for packing the napkins, which we shall supply, you are free to buy all other material from whoever you want as long as it is cheaper than the firms who are supplying us now. As you are buying the pre-printed Polythene covers with the brand name "Sakura-Magic", the final product reaches the customer in this brand only. This is to gain a collective strength for this product in terms of presentation as a social welfare project on a wider level in so many avenues.
3. Once you are convinced with the above, you may start purchasing the raw material, equipments like sewing machines etc and start production. As there have been some request by agencies to send our staff to their place for the initial supervision and training at the time of starting this project, we are planning to depute a staff if our work schedule permits the dates of their convenience. In that case, the Organization should pay for the full travel expenses, take care of the accommodation and pay a nominal sum per day including the days of travel (To & Fro) as food allowance to our staff, which should be sent in advance in full by a demand draft.

If you have any clarifications, please contact our Chennai office at 044-23720805 and ask for the Sakura-Magic Technical assistance in-charge.


Disclaimer: This project guidelines are given only as a hint to help the concerned people with social welfare & development in mind. The materials given herewith and the other supplies of all kind with materials as well as information of all kind regarding the manufacturing of the product or sale or whatsoever which may provided later regarding this project by M/S HOPE FOUNDATION, should be practiced or followed? with the utmost attention and care keeping in mind the local conditions of the society, market etc and potentials of the organization and their associates. The information or assistance or guidance provided by? M/S HOPE FOUNDATION with regard to this project shall not be used otherwise and? M/S HOPE FOUNDATION and their associates of this project will not be responsible for any untoward happening, physical or materialistic loss or damage of any kind at any stage with the procurement of material, manufacturing, or sale or usage of the products.


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