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@List of Japanese medical products by specialty


MANI Ophthalmic blades  

 nichi-in Sponges for Eye Surgery@

Transfusion medicine specialists: 

Blood Warmer 

Cardiac surgeons:

Sternal Closure Wire - With AISI 302 Needle for easier bites & strength

SAPE 1.0 software for a safe CPB; 

Vessel Knife - Exclusive coronary artery stab wound knives

Obstetricians & Gynecologists:

SAKURA- MAGIC : Napkins with belt & Gel for Post-natal usage


CERESHEET : Lint-free Polyvinyl gauze for Brain protection during Neurosurgery.

Ribbon Rasp for Skip Laminectomy

Orthopedic surgeons: 

Ribbon Rasp for Skip Laminectomy

Plastic surgeons: 

TREX- Siliconized Gauze for Skin donor sites, burns & all open wounds.

Operation theatre: 

Skylux  shadow less lamps

Intensive Care Unit: 

Blood Warmer 

ENT specialists, Audiologists: 

RIONET hearing aids

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