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"Nichi-In to offer total turn-key consultancy services for GMP stem cell lab establishment"

Nichi-In introduces Biotechnology Cell Culture, products

# Standardized Technique
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# Good for separation of individual specimens...

has never been
so easy...
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"CELL-PAL" with CO2 Sachet
Now, available in India

Forget days with Cell culture was considered difficult. Now you can make cells grow in an ordinary Incubator without any gas gonnections or uncertainities connected with such things using the Japanese made "CELL PAL". A simple, but high-tech container which comes with a Sachet. The Sachet when exposed to the closed atmosphere of the bod releases just adequate quantity of CO2 to maintain (Fig.1) 5% of the gas concentration until even a week or when opened earlier than that. This system also gives isolation of individual specimens from each other avoiding contamination.

Why wait? Call us to know more and try cell culture using CELL PAL!

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