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Products for Bio-technology

The days when we were losing so many lives to diseases like Malaria, Plague, Small Pox etc are gone. But as the lifestyle changes, drugs evolve and also with the evolution of organisms, we are now facing new diseases of different nature. Chronic diseases like Diabetes, Cirrhosis, Chronic arthritis, Hypertension, arteriosclerosis, Ischemic Heart Diseases and Auto immune diseases pose a challenge to the medical world as there has been no permanent cure to these. Therefore we have to evolve new strategies to look into the process of treating these diseases, totally in a different way than how the treatment protocols were planned few decades ago.


New developments in frontiers of science like Genetics and Immunology have opened our eyes to plan newer strategies of fighting such diseases.

We herewith introduce the Mebiol Gel, which we hope has enormous possibilities with developing new frontiers in genetics, immunology and regenerative medicine based on 3D cell culture. This is a unique substrate that can be made cell/tissue specific in terms of allowing in vitro expansion, isolation or preservation of the concerned cell/tissues.

There are many topics on which researches are underway using this medium. Many more to be started, and as the opportunities of exploitation of this medium seem to be infinite, we welcome enquiries on research and business aspects.


Since Sep-2005, a new organization for Research, training & clinical application protocol development in Cell therapeutics with emphasis on Stem cells " Nichi-In Centre for Regenerative Medicine (NCRM)" has been started and it takes care of the entire research & development in Cell therapeutics


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