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"Nichi-In to offer total turn-key consultancy services for GMP stem cell lab establishment"

Nichi-In introduces Biotechnology Cell Culture, products

Digital - Inverted &
Phase Contrast Microscope
that can go into the


Record Movies

Made in Japan,
Now available in India

Provided with Optical Zoom*, the CELL WATCHER can be either used as a regular microscope for cell culture purpose(Fig.1) or can be used inside an incubator to record images and movies continuously (Fig.2).
*Objective Used: 4X. When seen in a 17" monitor, maximum zoom-in image will be equaivalent to 600X magnification.

 World's First & Compact
The CELL PAL CO2 Box with CO2 Sachet avoids the need of a CO2 incubator.
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