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Analgesic Anti-inflammatory Patches


RAKOOL Inc., Japan.


Intenurse- Indomethacin patches for Topical pain relief 



Intenurse is a break through technology- topical analgesic adhesive patch containing water and NSAID (Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug- Indomethacin) together;

1: A powerful anti-inflammatory & analgesic without any odour

2: This is stretchable and fits comfortably on joints

Contra indications:

1.       Donft use in patients who have past history of allergy to any form of Indomethacin or similar group of drugs.

2.       Donft use in patients who have allergy or symptoms of Asthma following usage of Aspirin or anti-histamines.  


Trade name: Intenurse; Generic name: Indomethacin;  

Japan FDA classification no: 872649; approval No: ( 02AM )0899 dated 7th September 1990 .


Toko Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.,  

3-8-19 , Mita, Adachi-Ku, Tokyo , Japan .

This product is to be sold to or on order by a physician.


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For enquiries contact us at +91-44-23720805 or by email: nbs@nichimail.jp

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